Electrical parameters for the EMS jacket during EMS training

29 November, 2019
The parameters used in any EMS machine are the following ones: wave type, pulse width, frequency, muscle contraction time and rest time. The correct use of the parameters will allow to achieve very specific objectives for our athlete.

Training principles applied to EMS training with EMS jacket

29 November, 2019
“Muscular strength is generally determined by the physiological cross section of a muscle, the muscle fiber composition and innervations behavior such as recruitment and frequency” (Güllich & Schmidtbleicher, 1999 ; Hohmann, Lames & Letzelter, 2003).  

How can I use EMS training to tone my glutes?

28 November, 2019
Constantly used, the glutes are essential to your body. They help you staying stand, walk, run, every single activity needs them and positively impacts them. So, it goes hand in hand that weak glutes can lead to injury because they are the most important muscles that we have. 

How EMS training can help to burn fat?

28 November, 2019
Did you know that fats would allow a person to run 7 to 10 days without eating anything, incredible, right? It’s the biggest resource of energy in our body. Many people initiate sports to burn fats and to loose weight.