Advantages and disadvantages of EMS training

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1- It boosts results compared to a normal workout.

By using an EMS suit, you can train 350 muscles simultaneously, and obviously this saves you from making a bigger effort because you don’t carry extra weights. Also, if you just need to train a special zone of your body, electrofitness allows you to choose on which part you want to put the emphasis. 

2- You’re saving yourself from bones and joints injuries because you don’t carry any additional weight or charge.

As you’re strengthening your muscles, you can also use electrostimulation if you have any type of paralysis. Electrofitness allows you to have better results without taking the risk of hurting yourself, and all this while you’re saving a big amount of time for other activities, what else?

3- EMS training helps you exercising while increasing muscle tissue, which is really difficult with a normal workout.

As the intensity of the session is really high, as well as you’re exercising deeper fibers, you’re increasing your capabilities like strength, resistance or volume. 

4- Electrofitness helps you reducing the risk of muscular lesions.

In fact, by enhancing blood circulation, the muscles benefit from a better vitamins and oxygen concentration. in this case, a personal trainer is really important as he/she will tell you which parts you have to train or when it’s time to take a rest. Also, the software helps you to know what kind of effort you have to give every day. 

5- Electrical muscle stimulation is used for muscles recovering and injuries healing.

If you use EMS with responsibility, your sessions will bring you so many benefits that you won’t see a better workout routine than this one. Most people that already tried it stayed addicted to it because it shows results really quickly and on a long-term period. 


1- EMS fitness doesn’t carry out the whole job.

People may think that buying an EMS equipment allows them to achieve their goals quicker than the reality without having to give too much efforts. However, if you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle, you won’t reach your objectives. Then, you have to give many efforts yourself apart from just training with a muscle stimulator. Keep in mind that electrostimulation does not make you losing weight, it is not a unique alternative, it should be used as a complement to traditional training methods.

2- EMS machines are expensive so it can keep people from trying it.

However, you have some electrofitness centers all around the world where you can try it once and see how you feel with it. Then, if it suits you, you can either choose to train with a personal trainer, to be a fitness trainer, to train by yourself at home or at the gym… so many possibilities are given by EMS workouts.

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