Keys, advice and tricks for EMS training

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In order to start training with electrical muscle stimulation, you need to have: 

  • Muscle stimulator, also known as an EMS machine.

It will be in charge of producing the necessary stimulus with the appropriate characteristics (depth, frequency, contraction time or relaxation) for the muscle contraction linked to the objective of the athlete.

Before, this EMS device was connected by cables to the EMS jacket. It quickly became a wireless technology via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. 

Today, high quality brands have gone further applying the latest technology to create the 3rd generation device allowing total freedom of movement. Indeed, the muscle stimulator machine is worn by the user on the EMS suit without the need to be linked to an emitter such as a tablet or an EMS machine.

  • EMS jacket or EMS suit.

It connects the muscle stimulator with the person willing to train.

The EMS suit is composed by several electrodes smartly positioned for a simultaneous muscle contraction of many muscle groups. 

Some EMS jackets have evolved allowing the internal mobility of the electrodes leading to an added value in the personalization of the training.

Just make sure that before making the decision to buy your EMS suit, it meets some requirements.


To help you deciding which EMS machine you’re gonna purchase, you have to check those factors: 

  • Price.

Try to get a muscle stimulator that has a good balance between the purchase price and the quality of the material manufactured. 

As we are professionals, the most important thing when buying the EMS equipment is the quality, but at what price? 

Be careful with brands where dozens of people are working in the manufacture and commercial areas because the cost will be way higher. 

Another important factor is the add-ons, you mostly don’t need all of these thing that many brands include in their packs, so pay attention to purchase an EMS equipment that only provides the add-ons for your specific use.

So, just purchase what you will use, that’s quite simple!

  • Ability to customize the settings.

The muscle stimulator should give us the possibility to change and customize all the settings that make up an electric shock. 

You should be able to change: depth, frequency of the stimulus, contraction time and relaxation time.

Those 4 parameters give us total freedom to customize the workout.

For instance, if you’re a personal trainer you must have an EMS machine that provides this.

  • Quality.

We’ve already said it multiple times but it’s never enough. 

This is the most important condition when purchasing your EMS equipment

The key is to absolutely avoid purchasing low-quality or Chinese equipments, look out for the manufacturing place. 

Also, check up the quality reports as well as the quality tests that verify the EMS machine: CE label or specific label for any specific country.

  • Type of connection: This will identify the freedom of movement for instance.

Today, cutting-edge technology equipments have been developed that provide a totally wireless and stable connection with an integrated device that allows a total freedom of movement.

We recommend you to acquire a wireless system because it allows us to train indoor and outdoor. 

If you’re a personal trainer thinking about getting an EMS equipment, these indications could be helpful. 


Your EMS suit has to: 

  • Meet the goal.

If you want your EMS jacket to be adapted to multi users to use it in a gym or a sports center, we recommend you to choose the adjustable EMS jacket. However, if you want it to be used only by yourself or a reduced number of people, you should choose the skin EMS jacket.

  • Be easy to assembly/disassembly.

Hygiene is one of the most important factors because when it’s missing, people give up or stop EMS training. We recommend you to choose an EMS suit that allows the cables to be easily moved. To be sure about that you just need to check that the cables are visible because they will be way easier to move.  

  • Allow customization of the training.

We want our EMS jacket to be adjustable or skin so that it adapts to the user, but we also want to be able to move the electrodes easily so then we can adjust to every user. 

  • Be a one-piece suit.

If we use a two-piece EMS suit, most likely the bottom part will slide and wriggle out during the training. 

  • Have a textile layer covering the electrodes.

We recommend you to choose an EMS suit whose electrodes are covered by a textile layer to keep the humidity of the conductor (water) and thus avoid possible burns due to a dried electrode.

  • Combine freedom and resistance.

We want to enjoy the durability marked by the quality of the material and the freedom of movement achieved by the flexibility of its components. For instance, neoprene and lycra is a perfect combination that achieves this quality.

  • Be reinforced in high pressure zones.

Our ideal EMS jacket should provide extra reinforcement in those areas where it suffers the most. These stress zones are located on the hip, where the top and bottom parts of the EMS jacket join.

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