What are the benefits of EMS training?

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Don’t you feel so good when you exercise? Doesn’t it feel so much better to feel fit? Isn’t life so much better to live when you exercise?

You sleep better, you have a better balance, a better mood, a better state-of-mind and you think better. 

In addition to physical exercise, many benefits are added when training with electrostimulation. In fact, this type of training, generally called electrofitness, brings a plusvalue to a conventional training. When thinking about this workout method, there are benefits that directly come to our mind, these are the following ones: 

  • Time saving.

20 minutes for one session, twice a week.

  • Faster results.

Electrofitness brings you effects much quicker than with a conventional training because it activates 350 muscles and burns 30% more calories per session. 

  • Activating underlying muscles.

With the help of electrostimulation you can enjoy the stimulation of muscles that you would never reach with a normal workout.

  • Preventing lesions and injuries.

You don’t carry any extra charge so you’re out of danger for hurting you. 

Yet, there are so much more benefits to get from this training method on a physiological and a chemical level.


On a physiological level, the benefits of using electrostimulation applied to sports (i.e. electrofitness) are countless. Yet, the following physiological benefits can be highlighted:

  • Muscular benefits.

Greater activation of the fibres that build up the musculature. With electrofitness we achieve an activation close to 90% of the total muscle, while with conventional training we are only at about 60-70%.

  • Tendon benefits.

As we don’t carry out extra charges to activate the muscle, then our tendons suffer much less stress.

  • Joints benefits.

Related to the previous point, an absence of weight for muscle activation causes that our joints do not suffer due to the absence of weight or also called joint impact.

  • Vascular and capillarization benefits.

We are going to achieve an increase in blood circulation and with it a significant improvement in blood flow to prevent certain diseases and boost our health status.

  • Corporal position benefits.

Electrofitness helps to correct and to work the stabilizing musculature responsible for protecting our body. A correct body position will allow us to alleviate muscular pains due to decompensation, it will protect us from stressful stimuli (for example from lumbago) and it will even allow us to “See better”. If we have a bad cervical anatomical position such as an increase in physiological curvature it can cause an extra effort to adequately position our head in order to be able to see upright.


Did you ever think about the fact that you feel so happy after exercising? Did you ever wonder why? Well, I think that it might be interesting for you to understand this post-training feeling. 

3 hormones are responsible of your well-being and satisfaction after a physical exercise: endorphin, dopamine and serotonin.

Have you ever heard about it? Do you know how they act during and after the workout?

Those hormones are the happy hormones, they are released during training and they generate some chemical reactions in your brain and your body that make you feel happy, satisfied and confident

With high intensity exercises such as electrofitness, only after a few minutes your brain starts to release dopamine.

This hormone helps to be more alert, focused and concentrated. The more you exercise, the more dopamine you release. Dopamine allows you to push yourself to your limits, to continue until the end even if everything seems to tell you to stop, and it enhances your performance. 

After your electrostimulation session, your body produces serotonin.

This hormone helps to regulate your sleep and body temperature. In addition, it helps to reduce your appetite, eat healthier and you feel less pain. That’s why we say that electrofitness could be called happiness!

By doing short and intense sessions, you reduce the stress hormones (cortisol) whether the stress is physical or mental but be careful to not over exercise, otherwise it will generate the opposite effect and your brain will release more cortisol. 

As a result, when you can combine endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, you’ve never felt so good, it’s the perfect combination. 

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