What is EMS training?

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EMS training is “the application of electrical stimulation used for activation of the muscle” (Hollmann, 1995). Electrofitness, or EMS training, has a long history.

In 1761, Luigi Galvani, a scientific, found out that current can activate muscles. This discovery has given way to a lot of research and studies. In the 20th century, they observed that electrostimulation could be used to “cause long-term changes in the muscles” (Wikipedia, 2019). 

We can consider that Kotz and Chwilon undertook electrical muscle stimulation due to their application in the sports area during 1980s’. Until then, very uncomfortable and inefficient currents were used for muscle stimulation.

Then, in 1996 Compex opened the market with the first portable muscle stimulator on the market, facilitating its use and reaching a previously unexpected audience. Compex has been in charge of putting the hands of sportsmen and personal trainers in the well-known analytical electrostimulation.

But it is only a decade ago when the birth of the advanced integral electrostimulation of the hand of Miha Bodytec takes place. This form of training revolutionized the sports industry due to its efficiency in the effects and the short time it takes to achieve them. We can now confirm the birth of electrofitness as a training methodology.


EMS training is a way of practicing fitness with a muscle stimulator, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). 

In general, we are more familiar with the terms EMS training or Electrofitness to refer to electrical muscle stimulation.

EMS training has innovated the way we exercise and created a new era for fitness, it’s nowadays a way of training that is becoming an increasingly widespread method around the world.

Just imagine that in 20 minutes you get the same results as a 3-hour session, unbelievable right? Well, it’s actually way more a possibility that you think with integral advanced electrostimulation. Can you think about all the time you will save to do something else such as shopping, cooking, reading, whatever you want! 

Above all, you only need to do EMS training twice a week, isn’t that so great? You’ll finally have time to go to visit your family, to take care of yourself, to tidy up your home, everything is now possible with electrofitness


Actually, electrostimulation is used in various fields such as prevention, performance, aesthetics, physical activity and sport.

EMS training is used in therapy to substitute neural impulses that may damage nerves or lack competence. 

In competitive sports electrical muscle stimulation is used as an additional training fitness program. It’s seen by many of its users as the best full body workout they ever tried!

Many studies on the effectiveness of electrofitness have been carried out.

The team lead by Johnson (1977) supports the use of this tool. In that study, therapy observed good results in the treatment of joint damage

After them, Eriksson & Hagmark (1979) and Gould (1983) were able to produce positive results in studies on the use of muscle stimulators in the treatment of postoperative immobilization.


It generates painless electrical stimulation impulses and, following the indications, it should be harmless.

Those impulses – transmitted to the skin and underlying muscles – are generated by an EMS machine connected to the body by electrodes. 

However, EMS training isn’t adapted to pacemaker users, metal implants or pregnancies. 

The effect of electrofitness can be compared to a workout at the gym or a rehabilitation session. In addition, electrical muscle stimulation is medically seen as a workout that improves strength

Until now muscle stimulators have mainly been used in the public sector in medicine and professional sports to prevent injuries, protect muscle development and improve athletes’ physical condition. Only recently electrofitness became known thanks to the development of electrostimulation devices for private use


You can use EMS training in 4 fields of application: rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, avoiding discomfort, sports, and stretch and relax. 

  • Rehabilitation and muscle strengthening: Electrofitness helps redeveloping the muscle tone after an injury and strengthen the muscles even more than they were before.
  • Avoiding discomfort: Electrofitness helps preventing possible future physical discomfort, for instance you can use it to alleviate knee joints by specifically training the legs. 
  • Sports: Electrofitness allows athletes and bodybuilders to achieve their training goal faster without having to train more for it. 
  • Stretch and relax: Electrostimulation massage can be really effective to prevent stiffness or relax muscle tension for example. 

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