Why is integral EMS training equipment better?

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EMS Revolution is a concept of integral EMS equipment for sports centers and personal trainers, with a physiological parameter monitoring software and a virtual trainer. 

The advanced integral EMS machine allows you to:

  • Train with different workouts and intensities.
  • Use the muscle stimulator quickly and easily.

The objective is to optimize and facilitate the role of face-to-face staff. 

The EMS suit provided with advanced integral electrostimulation highlights:

  • Hygiene
  • Ease of washing and use
  • Ergonomics
  • Strength
  • Elasticity

This is a monkey in a single piece of neoprene with 20 electrodes inside.


  • Independence of the customer to face the same fitness trainer.

The personal trainer can control several people at once, joined with the teaching support that provides the virtual trainer with more than 200 exercises. The software is continuously updated to satisfy our customers’ demand. In this way we make it even easier to use our EMS device .

  • Objectivity and quantification of the training.

Thanks to our monitoring software specialized in electro-physiological parameters by measuring the heartbeats per minute.

With these 2 objectives we seek:

  • Reducing personnel costs of your business fit because the client can now train independently.

  • Increasing customer range of EMS jacket service by reducing the retail price.

  • Providing added value to the product thanks to the monitoring software and the virtual coach.

The unique technology of EMS Revolution leads the electrical stimulation directly to more than 350 muscles, causing them to contract and relax in the same way that they exercise while activating muscles that could never be activated with a conventional training

This unique EMS equipment provides incredible results with a spectacular and unsurpassed quality of training.


We strongly recommend you to read the previous articles to know the keys, tips, benefits and indications, but whatever we do with electrofitness we will still get:

  • A modification of our body composition.

Enter more or spend less, after exercising we will get our tissues to change compositions. We will obtain a decrease in fats and an increase in muscle tissues. Remember that 2 people with the same weight can have a totally different body composition.

  • A better rest.

Physical exercise with electrostimulation helps you to sleep better due to the hormonal influence and chemical segregation that improves the rest.

  • An improvement in your working life.

Returning to the hormonal topic, you should know that endorphin, dopamine and serotonin impact a lot on your happiness. You will improve your concentration as well as your energy and ultimately be more productive and happy.

  • A progress in your self-esteem.

Achieving aesthetic effects added to the physiological ones will improve significantly our self-esteem, we will see ourselves better and with it we will feel better with ourselves and our body.

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